10 Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring

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The daffodils are in full bloom and there are glimpses of sunshine and we move into Spring! Time to freshen everything up after the long dark Winter. If you're planning to give your lifestyle a makeover, your home is a big part of that. We've put together ten ways to help organise your home and breathe a new lease of life into it, without having to do any major alterations.

Be ruthless - have a clear out!

There's something therapeutic about having a clear out! Clear out the drawers and paperwork of all those things you've been hanging onto for the last ten years! If you've not looked at them for at least 5 years, the chances are you really don't need them. Create a recycling point and start categorising where you plan to move your stuff; tip, charity shop or sale room.

Get that paint brush out!

Give your front door a welcoming new look , the skirting boards a gleaming new look and even the kitchen cabinets can be transformed and updated with a lick of paint.

Rethink the colour scheme of a room

Even something as simple as buying a new duvet cover and cushions can have an immediate impact on a room. Or, go the whole yard and give the room a complete overhaul, treat yourself to some Hygge this 2017!

Tidy up the garden

Now that Spring is well under way, it’s time to start tidying up your garden. Whether it’s adding a vegetable patch or creating a decking area for the summer BBQs, make sure it’s all ready for when the weather improves!

Organise your home room-by-room

Deep clean of your home!  Traditionally the time for a 'Spring-clean', give those cupboards a sort out. Empty, clean and re-organise the kitchen cupboards, re-organise your wardrobes, steam clean and re-grout the bathroom tiles and  shampoo the carpets. Then treat yourself afterwards for a job well done!

Give that spare room some purpose

Is your spare room turning into a dumping ground? Why not turn it into something useful? You could make it into a home gym, a games room or even an office.


Have you checked out Pinterest ? It's a great resource for getting ideas about how to transform  old furniture into a sleek new piece of furniture. You could turn a bedframe into a bench for the garden or an old cot into a desk for the kids. Before you throw anything out, why not see if it could serve another purpose?

Rearrange the furniture 

Give your home a fresh new feeling by re-arranging the furniture. The ancient art of Feng Shui takes the placement of furniture to a whole new level and is said to affect your mood, energy levels, health and well being. For tips and ideas take a look at: http://feng-shui.lovetoknow.com/Feng_Shui_Living_Room


Hang wall art, introduce a new rug or colour coordinated cushions, add a plant or new  lighting to spruce up your space and make you feel cosy, comfortable and at home.

Get creative with a new space 

Add a new window seat, working area, snug space or a designated quiet seating area within your home. A new space will give you somewhere to relax and unwind or provide a space to focus on your plans for later this year.

This Spring why not treat your home to an uncluttered and refreshed look? Any of our ideas above will get you off to a flying start!


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