Brislington’s buzzing in community spirit.

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Our Community

It’s no secret that we here at Greenwoods care a great deal about our local community: Brislington.  We have been serving our community for more than 26 years and are always happy to inform local residents (and potential local residents) of community news, events and business.

As a city, Bristol has a wide community feel to it, and when you have been here as long as we have, you realise that the community feel also boils down and concentrates into areas, such as Brislington. Brislington has a number of active residents who lead the way and ensure everyone has a chance to have their say.

That being said, we don’t know it all.  Joe Parkinson hopes to raise awareness of the importance of Greater Brislington Neighbourhood Partnership.


The Greater Brislington Neighbourhood Partnership

Neighbourhood Partnerships are local decision-making structures that consult on and agree community priorities and deliver positive impacts in their areas. The agreed priorities are set out in each area’s Neighbourhood Partnership Plan.

The Greater Brislington Neighbourhood Partnerships is made up of the two local electoral wards. The membership of each partnership includes residents, organisations and the local Councillors from the wards within the Partnership area.

The Partnership allocates significant resources to benefit the local community. Improvements have been made include new playgrounds, sports facilities, provision for older and younger residents, as well as making grants to support many local voluntary groups.

The Partnership holds regular open meetings called Neighbourhood Forums, where anyone from the neighbourhood can come and raise ideas and concerns about local services and community issues.

The Partnership also has a Well Being sub group which makes recommendations on a small grants pot, which is then discussed and agreed by the local ward members at the Neighbourhood Partnership meetings.


Get Involved

The Greater Brislington Neighbourhood Partnership is looking for resident members for both the Partnership and Well Being Panel Meetings, and for local residents to come along to the Forum meetings to both find out and share what is happening locally.

To give an idea of the community actions being tackled at the Forum meetings, here are a few points to highlight the main agenda of the last meeting. Concerns about a development proposal at pre-application stage on Bath Road at Paintwork, Parking issues on the Wick Road, Pathways and railings on Nightingale Valley and the disabled access onto St. Annes Wood

If anyone wishes to have an informal discussion or for more information on how to get involved please contact Ariaf Hussain (Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator) on 0117 922 3218 or you can email him on or you can contact the Mary Jane Wilshire (Neighbourhood Officer )on 0117 357 4838 or email  

Greenwoods would also like to take a moment to thank the elected members of the Neirbourhood Partnership Mike Langley, Mike Wollacot, Eileen Means and Rhian Greaves who dedicate time and effort into making our community the best it can be.


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