Landlord tips from our Lettings Manager

22.06.2015 John Parky Share this post  Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google+

When assessing whether your potential purchase is a good investment vehicle you should consider various factors. Here are our top 6 things to look for

  • Does it provide a minimum yield after all monthly expenses are deducted (typically a minimum of 5% is now considered realistic)


  • Is there potential for above market equity growth, either due to reduced sale prices or is it an as yet undiscovered area with better than average improvement possibilities.


  • Is there a suitable mix of residential, retail and offices nearby to sustain demand for rental property.


  • Is the site near to main roads for access - buses, trains, motorway, city centre etc


  • If I did need to sell the property, how easy would it be in a more testing market.


  • Seek local advice as to the current market, demand for rental and sale, and how the area is expected to develop in the next 1 to 2 years.

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