Living In Up And Coming Brislington

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Some of our ‘property-savvy’ residents may already have noticed that property prices in Brislington and St. Annes have been increasing exponentially over the past two and half years, with rises of up to 35% being seen in several sections of the local market. But did you know that this is one of the highest increases in any area of Bristol and indeed the country as a whole.

We wanted to investigate the cause of this incredible rise in house prices in our own backyard. That’s why we took time out this week to speak with our very own John Parkinson, Senior Partner and Founder of Greenwood Independent Estate Agents in 1988.


“Brislington and St. Anne’s have so much to offer, with easy access into town, great Ofsted ratings for many of our catchment area schools, and ever improving shops. In my view, it’s easy to see why these areas are so up and coming and attracting the attention of more and more first time buyers, who may have never considered living here before."






To elaborate on John’s points, it’s a combination of the excellent cycle routes (we know how much Bristolian’s love their bikes!) and great transport links, including the close proximity of the M32, with easy access to the city, the motorway and all points beyond.

“Not to mention the soon-to-be-live HS2 high-speed rail link to London that’s helping put the spotlight on Brislington and causing the centre of Bristol to move southwards.”

                  But it’s not all about commuting; we all know that Brislington and St. Annes have something for everyone. Whether you’re heading down to Arnos Vale Park to play footie with your children, or just fancy treating your partner to a few drinks and some live music at Paintworks, Brislington can cater to all. With its after school hang out clubs, sports teams and dedicated Neighbourhood Watch it really is the perfect place for new families. The fact that it is so beautiful in the summer time, full to the brim with chirpy residents whilst still maintaining that village type feel, all culminate to create a wonderful place to live and socialise.

                  “Sometimes a location simply becomes popular because of the level of attention it receives, such as the massive investment in the areas infrastructure that is scheduled for the next few years, including the long-awaited 12,000-seater Arena Stadium to be built next to Temple Meads, which finally got the go-ahead this month.”

                  Did you know Brislington already has its own award-winning independent venue? Now in its ninth year, none other than BocaBar. This gorgeous red-brick warehouse decorated in vintage tassles, lamps, comfy sofas and scrumptious food make it the ultimate chill out spot.


So, what does the future hold for Brislington and St. Annes? We asked John for a final word on the matter.

‘’In my opinion, and I know I’m biased, Brislington and St. Annes will continue to become more and more popular, not only amongst house buyers but with people in the rented sector. Brislington is now firmly embedded on the map as a great place to live in Bristol and I can only see the area going from strength to strength in the up and coming years.’


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