What’s it worth?

It’s an obvious question, but it is absolutely essential to know exactly what your home is worth so that you can do your sums and make sure your planned move is possible. As an Estate Agent it is our role to give you sound, sensible advice based on our years of local knowledge. We’ll tell you what you can expect to achieve without giving you false expectations!

Let’s sell it

When you decide to put your home on the market we’ll act fast. We will create your property details with as many photos as we can possibly use and get you published onto the numerous national websites that we appear on. It is not unusual to get a reaction to our ’new instructions’ within minutes of them becoming available. It’s all about the quality of the presentation and how well we describe your home. We think we’re pretty good at it!

Keeping it tidy

We know it’s one of the downsides of selling, having to keep your house tidy at all times, just in case, but whatever happens, there will always be a member of our highly skilled sales team on hand to show a prospective buyer around, we will never ask you to do it for us. We will also offer help and guidance on how to best present the house to maximise every viewing opportunity.

A deal is done

We have an exceptional record of finding buyers for our vendors and we have an equally enviable reputation for negotiating great deals for our vendors. Our job, after all, is to get the best possible price for you, and we will. We will thoroughly check your buyer’s ability to purchase and make sure their situation suits your individual needs.

Let’s go legal

Both you and your buyer will need to appoint a solicitor to handle the conveyancing and we are happy to recommend local firms that we have worked with and who we know will work well on your behalf. We have no direct interest in which solicitor a client chooses but we may be able to offer guidance on making the right choice which could save you time and ensure you don’t spend all your time chasing them when in fact they should be the pro-active one.


Your buyer will have already declared how they intend to fund the purchase of your home, and we will have advised you, but we don’t stop there. If they are raising a mortgage we will liaise with the lender or mortgage broker to make sure the application is underway and that your buyer has provided all of the necessary information, and the funds, to progress the mortgage.

You may also be lucky to have a buyer who has the funds readily available, either in cash or from private sources. Either way will establish proof of funds from the buyer to offer you the reassurance you need.


If a mortgage is being used, once the buyers have satisfied the lenders criteria the building society will appoint a surveyor to visit your home to carry out a valuation. They will contact us and we will liaise with you to agree a suitable time for their visit. Depending on the level of survey requested, the valuation may be anything between 30 minutes and several hours, but again, we’ll let you know when we know.

It isn’t over until…

Finding a buyer is important, we know that, but our job doesn’t stop until your sale is complete and you hand over the keys. That’s why we take so much time to progress the sale through from the point we agree a sale and at every milestone from thereon. Often a sale can be plain sailing but if necessary you’ll be able to call on our expertise and experience to deal with anything that arises, from dealing with specialist contractors to liaising with solicitors, other estate agents, surveyors and anyone else involved in the process.

No going back

Once your buyer has received their mortgage offer and their solicitor has carried out all the checks and enquiries you will be ready to exchange contracts, assuming you are in the same place on any house you are buying. We will liaise with everyone involved in the chain to make sure we are all working towards the same dates. Your buyers will be asked by their solicitor to sign the contract and pay their deposit in preparation for the exchange of contracts. You will need to sign your contracts too. When everyone has signed their contracts, the solicitors will effect a formal exchange of contracts and agree a moving date. Once contracts are exchanged the sale is set in stone and is legally binding.

Time to go

When contracts are exchanged a date for completion will be set, usually 7 or 14 days after the date of exchange of contracts. This is the day when you have to vacate your house and you get the keys to your new home. You’ll need to organise removals, arrange meter readings and make sure everyone knows your new address (re-direction of mail at the Post Office is quick and easy). We would normally hold a set of keys to hand over to the buyer when your solicitor confirms that the money for the sale has been received. You are then free to head off to collect the keys to your new home.